About Alexander Wade Stick


Alexander was born in 1961 in Baltimore, MD and grew up in Philadelphia, PA. He is a graduate of Washington & Lee University (B.A. 1983); and the  University of Miami (M.A. 1987). He served in the USMC (Hon. Discharge), and is an accomplished scuba diver and martial artist.
His first published writing appeared in the high school newspaper. Years later, his writing career was resurrected after a series of critically acclaimed open-mike performances at the nation's longest running poetry jam nightclub (Box of Rhyme 1997)*. He followed up with a popular satirical newpaper column The Tangent (Off On A Tangent 2003). He has since gone on to write six novels, including: (Iron Rain 2006; High Speed Silence 2009; No Good Way To Die 2011; Her Little Angel 2015; Good Night Amsterdam 2017**, and The Unentitled  2020). He has also been published under the pseudonym Alex Wade, or Area Mann**.
In 2002 he was awarded the President William McKinley Memorial Award in 2002 for his outstanding contribution to his community. He is frequently seen tooling around the north coast of California on his motorcycle.