Goodnight Amsterdam

On the other side of the fourteen-hour flight waits an old friend: Amsterdam--the city that has given him so many joyful memories over the years. He has made many trips here, but this one will come to mean the most. 

After his son's graduation from high school, this American dad decides to pass on his love for Amsterdam to the next generation, undertaking one final voyage. In this lively memoir, he shares the adventures he and his son have in this amazing city. Spending a few days with an old Scottish friend and a few more with his son's school chums, together they revel in their friendships and the city's buoyant exuberance, visiting cultural institutions, touring the red-light district, and taking in the local delicacies. 

The festivities mark a turning point in all their lives. The young boys become adults, and the father faces his slow transformation into an old man. In biker bars and cannabis coffee shops, they make this trip one to remember--forever. This remarkable city provides the backdrop, but their next moves are up to them as they tap in to newly discovered perspectives--on themselves and on the world--and embrace what's to come.

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