High Speed Silence

High Speed Silence (2011)

The follow-up to Iron RainHigh Speed Silence is about a motorcycle cop(Adam King) who solves the stabbing case of childhood friend, while on administrative leave for the fatal shooting of a teenager. The officer struggles with legal entanglements, public scorn, and feelings of hopelessness as he seeks justice. He is ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing, and returns to the streets in the end.

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The structure of the story is significant. Neither the officer, nor the reader, knows that the teenager he shot and killed days earlier was the same one who stabbed his friend, until the very end. A wily veteran detective makes the connection, leads King to the truth, then lets him handle it in his own way. Solving the crime leads to his own redemption. The moral of the story is that crime ultimately doesn't pay, and that it's not a cop's fault that it is thus.
The protagonist is similar to the Lone Ranger in that he is a solitary figure who is both admired and misunderstood. In reality, he is simply a noble servant who lives within the confines of a narrow, and sometimes violent world. My goal was to create an iconic character who could be the basis for additional adventures, including a sequel to Iron Rain.  
High Speed Silence is based on my own personal experiences as a law enforcement officer in Humboldt County.  The story takes place in Humboldt City(Eureka), and includes many real locations.  It is also important to note that the legal details given are real world accurate. Many of the characters are based on people I have known.

 "Knifing through the gridlock at high speed, silently pushing his way past pedestrians, a motorcycle patrolman weaves his way to the scene. In one fluid motion he dismounts his bike and sprints toward the center of the action."

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