Iron Rain

Iron Rain (2006)

Iron Rain takes the reader on a wild ride through the heart of Northern California's Emerald Triangle alongside the notorious Iron Madness Motorcycle club. This epic tale chronicles the adventures of Lonny, an angry young loner who falls in with the club. Inevitably, he must prove himself worthy of becoming a full patch member, as he faces both his real world enemies and inner demons.
The plot revolves around Lonny, a lone biker resembling Thor, who bumps into the notorious Iron Madness Motorcycle Club and slowly gets absorbed into the group. This is a difficult transition for him because he is a total loner, the result of having spent many years in prison for a murder he did not commit. The club turns out to be an honorable group, and helps Lonny rescue his girlfriend from a malicious rival outlaw biker gang. In the process, they bring down the outlaws, a crooked cop, and a seedy politician. Lonny is offered membership in the club at the end.
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Iron Rain is not your typical low brow shoot-em-up biker novel. It is more reminiscent of The Three Musketeers and/or Robin Hood. The Iron Madness Motorcycle Club is comprised of colorful ruffians, not criminals. Their enigmatic leader is a retired lumberjack who enforces his own strict code of justice, but is ultimately honorable. He is simply a throwback to a more rugged and honest age. He sees potential in Lonny, and takes him under his wing.
The theme of the book is Lonny's reconnection with a social group after years of tortured solitude. He opens up, earns new friendships, and even falls in love. At the end of the story, he is no longer a lost soul. This is a core important aspect in the biker culture.
The stunning natural beauty of Humboldt County is another important aspect of the story. I want the reader to experience what it's like riding a motorcycle through redwood forests and along our rocky coast. There is a strong visual imagery to the story, which would be amazing on film coupled with a good soundtrack. I included many real locations. I own a Harley-Davidson myself, and have ridden many of the picturesque roads described in the story.
I originally wrote the book in hopes that it would provide the blueprint for a big screen film.  There is an untapped market out there waiting for a breakthrough film in this genre. There have been very few good biker films, even fewer that had any real message to them.
"With the flick of his wrist the iron horse bucks forward to merge with high speed traffic. A big grin spreads across his face as the powerful vibration of the machine pulses through his body. The power of time and space is at his command, as the engine howls over the scream of rushing wind."

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