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September 23, 2020- Zoom reading of The Unentitled at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, North Carolina. Featuring Special Guest Star Barbara McKay.

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     I Taught A Kid To Fish

     I taught a kid to fish today
     Upon a wooden desk
     His lines were blurred
     And every word
     A measure of his mess
     I must confess
     I learned a couple of things
     Foremost of which
     God's greatest gift
     The knowledge granted Kings

 Worthless Words

   Why do I bother
   Crafting words
   That will never be read
   Nor ever heard
   Or waste my time
   Scribbling down
   Innermost thoughts
   Not too profound

   And jotting down quips
   More aptly read
   By real human lips

   So, why do I write
   comments aside
   Wit and wisdom
   Aged and dried
   Washed away 
   By morning's tide

   Yet I cannot stop
   Nor would dare even try
   To do so would render
   Me reason to die

   For my heart beats poetic
   Writing offhand
   Pointless thoughts
   Etched in sand
   As the words keep tumbling
   Around in my head
   For the day they don't
   You'll know I'm dead

   Bridge to Eternity

   I stopped on a bridge
   In a forest deep
   And prayed the Lord
   My soul to keep

   Then tossed a penny
   Into the stream
   And watched the liquid
   Copper gleam
   Time stood still
   As in a dream
   Heaven on Earth
   With me in between

   I've passed o'er that bridge
   Many times since
   And spotted my coin
   Still in suspense

   But now there were others
   Nickels and dimes
   Scattered about
   No rhythm or rhyme

   A constellation formed
   By errant hands
   A song of hope
   Submerged on land

   And like stars at night
   In the twilight zone
   The duller the day
   The brighter they shone

   Then one day
   To my surprise
   The coins were gone
   My wretched eyes!

   Someone had stolen them
   Right out from under
   Pillaged the stream
   Torn it asunder
   What sort of soul 
   I had to wonder

   So I tossed in another
   And started anew
   Rebuilding the dream
   What else could I do?

   Then made a wish
   That the thief might drown
   Somewhere downstream
   Penniless face down

   I spotted their footprints
   On the muddy banks
   No quarter given
   For so little thanks






   Old Salt

   He walked like a sailor
   'Cross the deck of a ship
   Long and lean
   And loose at the hip

   The soles of his boots
   Rubbed smooth underfoot
   Shuffled the planks
   Covered in soot

   The clothes on his back
   Clung tattered and torn
   Stained and faded
   Survivors of storms
   No matter the seas
   Nor how salty the air
   His step never faltered
   He strode unaware

   Nor once had he given
   The Captain an excuse
   He could pull and climb rope
   Like the knot on a noose

   He leaned with the tides
   And took it as true
   That the good Lord kept
   One eye on the crew

   His whole life balanced
   On the crest of a wave
   Unbeknownst unto him
   A watery grave

   Gray Matters

   Slow and Easy
   That's the way
   The old man lives
   Another day

   Playing it safe
   Avoiding a fall
   His life grows more fragile
   The longer the haul

   On legs of straw
   And two feet of cement
   His hair gone gray
   And bad back bent
   Tributes of sort
   To a life near spent

   The flesh and bones
   Now worn and weak
   Hobbling around
   Missing teeth

   Stiff in the morning
   And sore by night
   Growing old
   The unwinnable fight
   The Jubilee Tree 

   The wild cherry tree
   That I could see
   From the window in my room
   Stood up stronger
   And blossomed longer 
   Than all of winter's gloom

   It's red ripe leaves
   Licked the breeze
   Tasting frosty air
   Dewdrops dripped
   From upturned tips
   Shed tears without a care
   The bitter cold
   Winter foretold
   Just couldn't dampen that tree
   So perfectly designed
   Then seasoned in time
   In a schoolyard by the sea

   And like that tree
   It seemed to me
   Each child learned to stand on its' own
   Relying on cheer
   To get through each year
   Despite how the winds had blown
   Growing skyward
   Homework done
   Rules obeyed

   And after they'd gone
   The cherry blossomed on
   A witness to their toil
   Repeating the lesson
   At the end of each session
   Adding to the soil
   Apes Not Gods

   Monkeys and man
   Posture displaying
   Sharp teeth and nails
   Those primates aren't playing

   Playfully smug
   Shrewdly cute
   Handy with thumbs
   The clever brutes

   Man is no wiser
   Don't you agree
   What one monkey does
   The other one sees

   Aping each other
   A Darwinian dance
   Pushing our luck

   We laugh at them
   And they at us
   Our closest cousins 
   Make such a fuss

   Sunlight on the water
   Loveliest of all sights
   That golden touch 
   Does so much 
   To dazzle and delight

   It's glinting rays
   Pierce the haze
   Of foggy memory
   And light the way
   Beyond dismay
   Through all eternity

   Moonlight on the water
   Seductive silver glows
   It's night rhapsody
   Shines tranquilly
   And shadows what it shows

   Mercurial slivers
   Like cold shivers
   Reflected from the depths
   Regretted chance
   Outlived romance
   And howls of discontent

Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Making fools
Of us all

The more we look
The less we see
The ugly truth
So plain to see

Face to face
Black and white
Will we ever
Get it right

This is the question
Once foretold
Our distorted vision
Centuries old

On the wing

On the wing
That's where I'll be
Flying high
Finally free
Far above
The tallest tree

The weight of the world
Left far below
No more miles
Left to go
Gone from sight
Where no one knows

And when I'm gone
Don't give a care
Just look above
For I'll be there
Gliding on
The thinnest air