No Good Way to Die

No Good Way to Die (2015) 

A thriller based on my experience as a United Nations intern. The view from the top gave me a rather pessimistic view of the world. There are undoubtedly some tough times ahead for humanity. As a diver, the thought of relinquishing myself unto the sea has an undeniable appeal.  

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No Good Way to Die  is the dramatic story of Pryson Dare, a seasoned United Nations diplomat who seeks answers in his son's mysterious death, the result of a supposed scuba diving accident in The Bahamas. With the aid of his son's girlfriend, a private investigator, and a handful of kindly Bahamian locals, he uncovers the ugly truth. Despite thwarting the international arms dealer behind his son's disappearance, Dare is unable to cope with his loss, and sets himself adrift at sea to be with his son.
Inspired by Dante's The Inferno, No Good Way to Die is a story about resurrection. Pryson Dare is a man who has grown weary of the world because of his job as a diplomat. He had seen too much human suffering in his time. Then his son goes missing, and he goes through his own successive levels of hell as he uncovers the truth. His suicide at the end is a surprise that the reader does not see coming.
The theme of the story is Dare's undying love for his only child. I wanted to capture the vulnerability that goes along with being a father, along with the growing uncertainty of the world. The story is based on both my experience as an intern at the United Nations, and as a certified Master Scuba Diver.
"Dare tugged on his lifeline to make sure he was still attached and noticed that he had come to the end of his rope In order to go any further, he would have to detach himself."
"Directly across the hole, Dare spotted an unusual discoloration on the far wall. It appeared to be a scrape mark of some kind. He kicked his flippers and glided across toward it as though he was flying in space. As he got closer, he could make out that it was not a random marking, but rather an ancient Neptunian symbol etched into the coral with a knife. Dare knew this symbol all too well; it was the one that he and his son had used to communicate danger."
"Finally, Pryce Dare decided to make one last dive, on his own, before giving up completely. But this time, there would be no lifeline; he was not coming back."
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